About Us

   mtech Services and Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of state of the art power solutions. We specialize in Renewable and Conventional Energy Products and Solutions including its related installation and commissioning. We provide specialist solutions and services to Domestic, Government, Commercial and Industrial Sector. We also provide consultancy and project management services. mtech Services and Solutions is an authorized dealer and solution provider of Silicon CPV UK.

            Currently, we offer Complete Solar Power system for Home and Office from 500Watts to 10KW, Solar Tube Well from 2′-8′ Water Delivery, Solar Water Pumping System,Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Power LED Lights and Bulbs, Solar Air Conditioners, Solar Panels, Solar Charge Controllers, DC to AC Inverters,Dry Batteries from 50AH to 285AH, Run your Home and Shop on Solar Electricity, Solar street  lights and solar  water heaters.