MPPT Charge Controller 40A,80A









  •  Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capability increases performance by 25~30%.
  • High input voltage model up to 240VDC (Voc).
  • Compatible for PV projects in 12, 24 or 48V systems.
  • Up to 4-stage charging schemes.
  • Support wide range of lead-acid batteries including wet, AGM, and gel batteries.
  • Large array PV array support up to 5.4KW.
  • Maximum charging current up to 80A.
  • Allows peer parallel connections up to 16 units via communication ports.
  • 4 LEDs and large LCD screen to display device modes and important system information (PV power input, input current, battery voltage, battery SOC, system temperature, and voltage setting).
  • Battery energy monitor built-in to calculate energy left in battery for consumption.
  • Data logging functionality keeps energy harvest information and battery SOC/Ahr/Whr data up to 90 days.
  • System protections include: over-temperature, bat-tery reverse polarity, PV input overload, reverse current, battery overcharge/undercharge.
  • Built-in temperature compensation capability.
  • 2 sets of built-in Auxiliary Relays for device control.
  • Manual or automatic battery equalization. 





MPPT Range @ System Voltage  16/32/48/64~192VDC@12/24/36/48V 
Max PV Input Voltage  240VDC (Open Circuit) 
Max PV Input Current  30A  70A 
Max PV Input Power  2700W  5400W 
Recommended Battery Type  Flooded, GEL, or AGM Lead Acid 
Nominal Battery Voltage  12/24/36/48V 
Max Charging Current  40A  80A 
Standby Power  <2W  <4W 
Charging Schemes  Bulk, Absorption, Float, Auto/Manual Equalization 
Battery Temp. Compensation  Built-In, -5.0mV/°C/cell 
Protections  Over Temperature, Reverse Polarity,Reverse Current, Overcharge/Undercharge 
LCD Indicator  PV Input Voltage/Current/Power, Battery Voltage/Current/Temp/SOC, System Date/Time/Temp, Volt-age Setting, Data Log Information 
LED Indicator  4, Ready/Charge/Equal/Fault 
Parallel Connections  Yes, Up to 16 Units 
Data Logging  Built-In, Up to 90 Days 
Auxiliary Relays  2 Sets, 3A/50VDC 
Certification / EMC  CE / EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3 
Operating/Storage Temp.  -20°C~50°C/ -40°C~70°C 
Enclosure Type  Indoor , IP20 
Working Humidity  ~95%RH Max Non-Condensing 
Dimension  268*196*147mm  415*225*147mm 
Weight  4.3Kg  7.1Kg