MPPT Charge Controller PCM6048




  • Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capability increases performance by 25~30%.
  • Intelligent automatic 4-stage charging (Bulk/Pulse/Float1/Float2) optimizes system performance.
  • Designed to accommodate project sizes from 12V to 48V (minimum input voltage 40V).
  • Allows high voltage panels (24/48V) to charge low voltage batteries (12/24V).
  • Parallel up to 254 units for large projects.
  • High charging current up to 60A output reduces overall charging time.
  • Maximum efficiency up to 95%.
  • Automatic battery voltage detection.
  • Full-feature battery protections.
  • Battery temperature sensor (BTS) automatically provides temperature compensation.
  • RS232 interface connects to PC for software monitoring.
  • Support all popular battery types.
  • Multifunctional LCD displays useful system info.
  • Suitable for wall mounting.







MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage  40~120V@12 or 24V, 50~120V@36V, 60~120V@48V 
Max PV Input Voltage  150V 
Max PV Input Current  25A  35A 
Max PV Input Power  1000W  1500W 
Recommended Battery Type  Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries, AGM or Gel 
Nominal Battery Voltage  12/24/36/48V 
Max Charging Current  40A / 1000w  60A / 1500w 
Ripple Voltage  <± 1V 
Max Efficiency  0.95 
Standby Power  2W 
Charging Schemes  4 stages bulk/ pulse/ float 1/ float2 or 3 stages bulk/float 1/ float 2 
Battery Temp. Compensation  -3.3mV/°C/cell 
Protections  Battery Reverse Polarity, Reverse Current at Night, Output Short Circuit, Overload (>110%) 
LCD Indicator  PV Input Voltage/Current/Power, Battery Voltage/Current/AH, Battery Temp, Voltage Setting 
LED Indicator  Normal/Fault/ PV low 
Certification / EMC  CE / EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3 
Operating/Storage Temp.  -20°C~60°C / -40°C~85°C 
Enclosure Type  Indoor , IP20 
Working Humidity  100%RH Max Non-Condensing 
Dimension  165*330*85mm  165*330*85mm 
Weight  3.2Kg  3.2Kg