Pure Sine Wave Inverter/UPS 1KVA to 11KVA

3 in 1: Inverter + UPS + Battery Charger functionality.



Key Features:

  • Pure sine wave inverter/charger design ensuring compatibility with all loads.
  • Low-frequency feature compatible with wide range of high energy loads.
  • 3 in 1: Inverter + UPS + Battery Charger functionality.
  • Available from 800W to 6KW output at 12/24/48V.
  • DC start and automatic self-diagnostic sequence.
  • <3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
  • Support batteries up to 600Ah.
  • System designed to operate under harsh environment.
  • 3 LED lights provides easy reading on system status.
  • LCD front panel provides important system parameters (including history
  • record) and allows re-programming to suit individual needs. 
  • Inherent full-feature safety protections.
  • Suitable for rack or wall mounting.


  Models:                                  PIP-812LC      PIP-1624LC   PIP-2424LC      PIP-4024LC           PIP-6048LC


Continuous/Surge Output : 800W/1600W,1600W/3200W,2400W/4800W,4000W/8000W,6000W/12000W


Input Voltage Range:                                                                     60~135V or 120~270VAC

 Output Voltage                                                   1 10/115/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC (Programmable)

Output Waveform                                                                                       Pure Sine Wave

Output Frequency                                                                               50Hz or 60Hz ± 0. 1H z

Output Regulation                                                                  < 3% RMS for battery voltage range

Efficiency                                                                                                                    > 80%

Input VDC / Range                                    12V: 10.5~14.5V              24V: 20~29.3V,                            48V: 40~58.5V

Transfer Time                                                                                                                                       < 8ms

Recharging Current                                           >40A             >50A              >50A                      >60A              >60A


Batt. Reverse Polarity                                                                                        By Fuse

Overload (UPS/Batt. Mode)                          > 110%: Pre-Alarm, Amber LED Blinking / >110~150% for 30 sec,

> 150% for 200ms Shutdown

Over Temperature                                                                                    > 60°C Pre-Alarm


Low Battery                        <10.8V: Pre-Alarm,                        < 21.5V Pre-Alarm,                 <42.5V: Pre-Alarm,                                                                                         <10.3V: Shutdown                           <  20V Shutdown                      <40V: Shutdown

Short Circuit                                                             Circuit (UPS Mode) / Electronic Circuit (Battery Mode)

LED Indicator                                                                       Green: Power, Amber: Warning, Red: Fault

LCD Display                                                                PS Status, Input / Output Voltage Frequency, Load,

Battery Voltage, Battery Capacity, Temperature


Certification / EMC                                                                   CE / EN62040-1-1, EN62040-2

Operating/Storage Temp.                                                         0°C ~ +40°C / -20°C~ +70°C

Operating/Storage Humidity                   20~90%RH Non-Condensing / 10~95%RH Non-Condensing

Dimension                 298*400*150mm,298*450*190mm,298*450*190mm,415*600*260mm,415*600*260mm

Weight/Packing                    15Kg                              24Kg                          25Kg                             50Kg                           52Kg